A promise I hold
For a saviour, a deliverer
To free the oppressed and afflicted
Let the world find its hope

Saviour of my soul
To our world humbly you came
Rejected, hated, forsaken
You shed blood on calvary

What is human that worth of your life?
That you blesses us and our children?
By love and obedience you bear our sin
We are forgiven

The lost find a way home
The broken once again see hope
O how grace has humbled me
Grace has shown me the way

My heart rejoices
For the hope of glory has come
My eyes gaze upon your wonder
Poured like a waterfall
The unending love of the Father

The fullness in Christ
Hope of purity and holiness
The law was given through Moses
But grace and truth came through Jesus Christ


Crying is not meant to be alone
Laughing is not meant to be alone
Life is not meant to be alone
They are to be shared

Who is going to tell me to be brave?
Who will rebuke me of my wrongs?
Who will remind me of who I am?
Who is going to shed tears with me?
Who will listen to my silliest story?
Who will challenge me?
Who will share my joy?

Not many I have
Couples, but precious
Dark valleys and nights
They are as bright as day

People come, people go
Alone in the midst of crowd
Distance isn’t judged by place
But heart

There are struggles, there are hopes
My weaknesses no longer frightening
Coz for them, we have each other
While holding hands, we have power
To know that we are not alone
We are overcomer!

What a face I let them see
Cheerful smile I hope it matters
Deepest inside, no one knows
It won’t matter, even it reveals

How wonderful it is
To have someone beside you
How relief it is
To know someone love you despite of who you are
How fulfilling it is
To know someone is there for you
A treasure that will never be replaced



Righteousness I pursue
Holy life I know
The law is my mirror
Desire to give my all to please Him
Failure one after another
Frustation is what’s left
I know I love You
You know it God

Tho you call me Your son
I work out to gain your pleasure
Tho I call You my Father
I look for reward on everything I do
When I do what is right
I come to You with confident
When I do wrong
I have fear to see You
I am a son by title, not by heart
Lord, forgive me for this slave mentality.

I redeemed you not for ministry
I redeemed you for relationship
You’re no longer slave
You are a son to Me
You are My pleasure
And I am Your reward
Bondage of sin has been broken
And law has lost its power upon you
I love you not for what you’ve done
My love is unconditional
You are born of Me, belong to Me
Come to Me, My beloved son

Failure one after another
In my weakness I see His grace
There is no fear in love
I have been accepted
Now my life is Yours
I live only to adore You, Father

Mystery of Love

I want to love you
But I can’t
I thought I love you
But I did not know what love is

I wish I do what I suppose to do
But I do the opposite
You are not number one
Myself is
Enjoy anything else but you
Turn my back on you
Busy with my own things
Overwhelm myself with the world without you
I am a mess…
Someone, please help me from myself!

You keep me in your heart
Engraved me in the palm of your hand
Rejoice over me with gladness
Wrap me with mercy and grace
You forgive me
Died for me
You love me till the end

This undeserved being
A total wretch come from the dust
Who am I Lord?
That the Holy God, the Lord of universe
Love me this much

You show me true love at the cross
Receive me as whole
You died so that this sinful hopeless soul can live on
Surround me with your presence
Fills me with your glory
You call me your child

Until now
You always are the pursuer
Your love is real
Never give up on me, Father
Love me…

Break My Heart

Break my heart O God
With what break Yours
Rise in me a compassion
For the sake of Your people

A crying heart for a city
Breath in Your deepest desire
A life sacrifice for a nation
Resonate with Your amazing love

Give a heart like a father
Embrace the broken heart
To restore joy in calamity
And bring healing to a generation