Unknown to me
Where would I find her?
In the crowd, in the silence
My eyes has searched through all
But, she is still unknown, to me

Is that you?
The one that I long for
This heart excites, shout loud
Happiest moment, brightest day
It comes, then it goes…

Can’t you stay here?
Relentless night, darker sky
Trembling, I wonder why…
Where did my light go?
Guess… Life is both up and down

Unknown to me
Where would I find her?
Excitement has left me behind
Happiness betrays me
In the end, she is still unknown

In the blackout night
She, the one besides me
One that has been with me, always
As bright as the day
Enlighten my lonely night

In the darkness, you shine brighter
True Peace…

Now, the night looks like the day
Night or day, she is with me
Joy never again leave me
My heart find its rest