A promise I hold
For a saviour, a deliverer
To free the oppressed and afflicted
Let the world find its hope

Saviour of my soul
To our world humbly you came
Rejected, hated, forsaken
You shed blood on calvary

What is human that worth of your life?
That you blesses us and our children?
By love and obedience you bear our sin
We are forgiven

The lost find a way home
The broken once again see hope
O how grace has humbled me
Grace has shown me the way

My heart rejoices
For the hope of glory has come
My eyes gaze upon your wonder
Poured like a waterfall
The unending love of the Father

The fullness in Christ
Hope of purity and holiness
The law was given through Moses
But grace and truth came through Jesus Christ

Help Me

Why am I like this?
Why am I hurting someone I love?
Why do I make my love cry?
Please, stop…

I hate every single thought on my mind
I hate I could not do what I suppose to do
I hate I could not be stronger
I hate me…

Help me, I cried
Someone please, take me out of myself
Shut my mind, please
For with it I killed many

Save me from myself! Somebody!
Take me out from evil beyond measure
With it I will never love
With it I will destroy

Heal me… Give a new heart