Crying is not meant to be alone
Laughing is not meant to be alone
Life is not meant to be alone
They are to be shared

Who is going to tell me to be brave?
Who will rebuke me of my wrongs?
Who will remind me of who I am?
Who is going to shed tears with me?
Who will listen to my silliest story?
Who will challenge me?
Who will share my joy?

Not many I have
Couples, but precious
Dark valleys and nights
They are as bright as day

People come, people go
Alone in the midst of crowd
Distance isn’t judged by place
But heart

There are struggles, there are hopes
My weaknesses no longer frightening
Coz for them, we have each other
While holding hands, we have power
To know that we are not alone
We are overcomer!

What a face I let them see
Cheerful smile I hope it matters
Deepest inside, no one knows
It won’t matter, even it reveals

How wonderful it is
To have someone beside you
How relief it is
To know someone love you despite of who you are
How fulfilling it is
To know someone is there for you
A treasure that will never be replaced