Righteousness I pursue
Holy life I know
The law is my mirror
Desire to give my all to please Him
Failure one after another
Frustation is what’s left
I know I love You
You know it God

Tho you call me Your son
I work out to gain your pleasure
Tho I call You my Father
I look for reward on everything I do
When I do what is right
I come to You with confident
When I do wrong
I have fear to see You
I am a son by title, not by heart
Lord, forgive me for this slave mentality.

I redeemed you not for ministry
I redeemed you for relationship
You’re no longer slave
You are a son to Me
You are My pleasure
And I am Your reward
Bondage of sin has been broken
And law has lost its power upon you
I love you not for what you’ve done
My love is unconditional
You are born of Me, belong to Me
Come to Me, My beloved son

Failure one after another
In my weakness I see His grace
There is no fear in love
I have been accepted
Now my life is Yours
I live only to adore You, Father