Mystery of Love

I want to love you
But I can’t
I thought I love you
But I did not know what love is

I wish I do what I suppose to do
But I do the opposite
You are not number one
Myself is
Enjoy anything else but you
Turn my back on you
Busy with my own things
Overwhelm myself with the world without you
I am a mess…
Someone, please help me from myself!

You keep me in your heart
Engraved me in the palm of your hand
Rejoice over me with gladness
Wrap me with mercy and grace
You forgive me
Died for me
You love me till the end

This undeserved being
A total wretch come from the dust
Who am I Lord?
That the Holy God, the Lord of universe
Love me this much

You show me true love at the cross
Receive me as whole
You died so that this sinful hopeless soul can live on
Surround me with your presence
Fills me with your glory
You call me your child

Until now
You always are the pursuer
Your love is real
Never give up on me, Father
Love me…