Disciplines of The Almighty

Today, I’m reading the book of Job in the bible. I learnt that God’s discipline might be painful and seems unbearable. But God is faithful, He inflicts pain but also heals us, so we might learn new things through this uncomfortable experience. Below is a writing inspired by book of Job.

Flying like a young sparrow
Rise and fall
Like a gold in the burning fire
Melt to purity

Disciplines are tough
Take away comfort, deny self will
Into the calamity one may enter
All the strength is broken

One will question towards the Creator
He who despise the disciplines of the Almighty
But blessed are those who fear Him
For He inflicts pain, but gives relief
He wounds, but His hands heal

To know how fragile the mortals are
Blessed are those whose life is in the hand of God
The fools lean their back on the spider web
But those whom He loves will be broken
So that to Him alone every life trusts

He Rescues Me

Last Sunday Service was amazing. I learnt how Holy Spirit keeps praying and intercedes for us every single time, knowing our weaknesses and pray for our good. Even in the darkest moment of my life, when I don’t even have strength to pray for my soul is so weary, God is always my best friend. Holy Spirit is my true helper, He carries me along and rescues me when I am unable to walk. Despite all my weaknesses, His love endures. This is how this lyric below came out.

Oh.. Holy Ghost, He is faithful
Never once my life separated from His sight
My intercessor, my helper in times of need
He knows my every weaknesses

Oh.. My God, Whose love endures forever
Never once He loses His tight holding hand
Knowing that He love me despite my flaws
I rejoice for His graceful love

All my burdens I humbly surrender now
Every struggles, pain, and all my wrongs
For I know in Him I will find my rest
My God is the only source of my strength

Even in the darkest pit I ever be
Times when I cant even say my prayer
My God is still there by my side
With His mighty hands He carries me…
He rescues me…