Serving You

Lifting hands, surrender
Here my all O Lord
A servant who follow You
Give all of me for You
You own me all, O God

Lifting face towards You
Here I am O Lord
Send me and use me
Let Your desire become mine
Not my will but Yours

Let me be faithful to You
A servant who know Your heart
Walking in purity and love
Humble before Your Holy throne

Let none but You I desire
Less of me and more of You
Until Your glory shine in me
Serving You my King a life time

Break My Heart

Break my heart O God
With what break Yours
Rise in me a compassion
For the sake of Your people

A crying heart for a city
Breath in Your deepest desire
A life sacrifice for a nation
Resonate with Your amazing love

Give a heart like a father
Embrace the broken heart
To restore joy in calamity
And bring healing to a generation